Silver Tower Cafe: Richmond, BC

Here’s one of my vlogs featuring Silver Tower cafe located in Richmond, BC


Xi An Cuisine: Handmade noodles in Richmond, B.C


Let me tell you a story about how I came across Xi An Cuisine.

I was working for Sears long back when it was still running in Richmond Center and a cousin of mine was working all the way on the other side of the mall at the Bay. I would always go visit her on my breaks and the funny thing is that we didn’t know we related till she started digging into my family tree(typical Indian thing to do, lol!) Anyway, she recommended I go to Richmond Public Market to try fresh hand-made noodles which I’ve seen on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. My cousin ordered the ‘Spicy Cold Noodle’ and the lamb skewers. First time I had Spicy Cold Noodle, I just remember my lips burning from the chili oil, yet I kept eating it because it was so good! It was so good that I brought my boyfriend to Xi An when we first started dating. Now seven years later, my boyfriend and I still go to Xi An for a plate of Spicy Cold Noodle. I guess it has now become a ritual of ours, plus Mr.Duan( I think that’s his name) sees us on the regular so he always knows what we want. Is it weird that we have him on speed dial?


Spicy Cold Noodle: $9.00

A crowd favorite. This dish doubles as a main and a salad, yet it’s still filling.


Fried Noodle with lamb: $9.75

One of my favorites! Mr.Duan’s noodles always have a buttery yet firm texture with delicious chunks of lamb meat. Great if your not in the mood for noodle soup.

Lamb Noodle Soup: $9.00

Check out Xi An Cuisine’s ‘Lamb Noodle Soup’ featured in one of my vlogs. Great dish on a winter day if you are looking for something else besides Pho. Made with a simple broth with braised chunks of lamb and cabbage.