Dolpan Seoul Korean BBQ: Richmond, BC

Last Tuesday, my niece, and her daughter came to have lunch with me after my job interview. Since she doesn’t live in Richmond, she was unsure of what was good to eat and I was debating myself what we should have for lunch. We finally settled on Dolpan Seoul BBQ after seeing their frequent ads on facebook, plus it was newly opened so we thought we would give it a try.

Located inside Presidential Plaza on Sexsmith Rd, Dolpan Seoul offers “Gogigui” , which is Korean for grilled meat. Dolpan’s interior is also clean and sophisticated. The industrial theme is carried out throughout the restaurant from the wooden tables to the white splash bar while providing the second floor for larger parties.

Dolpan offers a set menu, which offers cuts of pork belly, beef ribs as well as prawn skewers. If you’re planning to go, just remember that Dolpan does not allow to split the set menu. For example, if you and a friend decided to order pork belly with its additional sides and banchan, you need a minimum of two servings. The set menus range from $20 to $40 which can include your choice of side. It ends up being quite pricey for two people as our bill came out to $48. So if you’re looking for a cheap place for lunch, this isn’t the place.

On to the food.

Baby had her first egg volcano which was a soft egg souffle. The egg volcano was one of the options that were included in the side menu. It was nice and fluffy with a subtle soy sauce flavor. Banchan was delicious as usual but this time we got a side of glass noodles and pickled daikon. We also ordered soft tofu soup that was decent.


We ordered two sets of pork belly, which was $20 each. The cuts of meat were nice and fatty and just tasted like bacon. One cut of meat was coated with green tea powder and surprisingly didn’t overpower the flavor of the meat. The only drawback is that I was expecting Korean marinated meat that you find in bulgogi and kalbi. Maybe they only had marinated meat for the beef short ribs.


All in all, this place is more suited for larger groups. The food and service were good, but I’d consider this place expensive for two people. This place is more for when you’re with a group of friends drinking. I feel like the food served needs alcohol, so it’s a great place for a Friday night.17201330_1744498015840854_451496407949291337_n

Here’s my new vlog featuring my niece: