Tai Hing Congee House

One of my favorite places to have breakfast in Richmond is Tai Hing Congee house located on Park.Rd. Early mornings at Tai Hing are always packed with customers indulging in piping hot bowls of congee and tea. This place feels like visiting your grandma’s house, which is probably why they have a ton of customers. Not to mention their delicious food and bargain prices.

17021747_1739455233011799_3634839706007039831_nTai Hing Congee house offers a combo of One bowl of congee with sides that include: chinese doughnut fritters wrapped in rice roll, fried noodles, or pan-fried rice cake. Usually ranging from $6-$10. They also serve other dishes such as noodle and wonton soups.


Doughnut fritters wrapped in rice roll are a great side with congee. They also give this with a side of hoisin and peanut sauce.


My breakfast: Mushroom and Chicken Congee with doughnut fritters wrapped in rice roll.